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Ascension Day

Thursday 10th May

Festal Sung Mass at 7:30pm

Forty days after his resurrection at Easter we celebrate the ascension of Jesus to heaven.  Jesus takes his place at the right hand of the Father.  His entry into glory is a cause of hope for us;  where he has gone we hope to follow.

Feast of the Presentation

As the Presentation of the Lord, or Candlemas, comes round, it is hard to think that 40 days have elapsed since we celebrated Christmas.  Candlemas brings to an end  the Christmas cycle.

In the East, this feast was called “Coming to Meet”.  Jesus is brought into the temple and is met by the ideal representatives of the Old Covenant, Simeon and Anna, who recognise the tiny baby as the light for all nations.
Just as Simeon and Anna recognised Jesus as their Lord, we too recognise him when we break bread and listen to his word, as we await his “coming to meet” us in final glory.

Monday 5th February 2015

Sung Mass at 7:30pm