• #GodWithUs - Your Christmas JourneyWelcome from the Archbishop of Canterbury
  • #GodWithUs - Your Christmas JourneyAdvent Week One - Listening
  • #GodWithUs - Your Christmas JourneyAdvent Week Two - Watching
  • #GodWithUs - Your Christmas JourneyAdvent Week Three - Waiting
  • #GodWithUs - Your Christmas JourneyAdvent Week Four - Welcoming
  • #GodWithUs - Your Christmas JourneyChristmas Eve - Stop
  • LUNA ROSSA IN CONCERTSaturday 19th May. Tickets on sale now!
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St Martin’s is a welcoming community in the Anglo-Catholic tradition of the Church of England.

We seek to live God’s Holy Word through the Scriptures and Sacraments, and to proclaim it through:

Regular church services,

Pastoral care and

Links with our local community 

Saint Martin's is the parish church of Central Bletchley and Fenny Stratford.