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St Martin’s is a welcoming community in the Anglo-Catholic tradition of the Church of England.

Notice concerning Saint Martin’s and the Coronavirus.

Saint martins Covid-19 risk assessment:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
We rejoice today that through the leadership and preaching of the two great Apostles, Saint Peter and Saint Paul, we have received the authentic living tradition of Christ- a message that is passed on through the centuries to the present day, through their successors, the Bishops of the Universal Church.

So we remember those who lead and guide us in the Episcopate of the Church; praying that they may teach and hold firm to the faith passed down from the first apostles, rather than the passing fads and social agendas of today’s world. May the Church be Christ’s Church, faithful to His will and His revelation rather than a man made thing created in man’s own image.

Again yesterday and today the doors of the Church were open through the later part of the mornings for private prayer and the lighting of candles. BUT NOW WE KNOW THAT WE CAN OPEN OUR DOORS FOR PUBLIC WORSHIP ON SUNDAY THE 5th JULY. MASSES WILL BE CELEBRATED AT 8 am AND 10 am. On this occasion both Masses will be said Masses. But our exile from Sacramental Communion, and from one another, ends on that Sunday and it is now our aim to be ready for that happy return. The seats within the church have been arranged for spatial distancing. We will be asking everyone to use the hand sanitiser dispenser when they enter the church and to wear face masks while attending Mass. The exception to this will be those who are commissioned to read during Mass (while actually reading) and the Celebrant once he is at the Altar. Communion will be under one kind only, but remember, you receive Our Lord whole and entire whether you receive one or both of the sacred species. Communion will be given standing since we cannot use the altar rails. Therefore to show our adoration and love towards our Blessed Lord as we approach for communion I would ask you please to genuflect or make a profound bow. 
There will be NO DRINKS of any kind supplied after the Parish Mass at 10 am (absolutely NO exceptions as this breaks the law as it is presently) but we hope that you will bring your own thermos mug or drinks in your own drinking vessels and on this first Sunday back, a packed lunch or nibbles for yourself to eat, so that we can celebrate our return to Worship and fellowship with one another.
(This does not break government guidance) SO PLEASE JOIN US.

My thanks once again to those who rose to the call to do something for their church. Do contact me if you can help with cleaning and preparing the church for reopening. Sadly we have to close the Children’s Corner for the time being as sharing toys is a big no no. Some help storing these things away in the meantime would be much appreciated.

Please don’t forget to contact me if you have any prayer requests or Mass intentions you would like me to offer at Mass or if would like someone added to our parish prayer list of the Sick or Departed.
My contact details are as follows:
Telephone: 01908 372825
Email: victorbullock@talktalk.

While Mass has been broadcast most days via our Facebook page under the Group heading: “Saint Martin’s Parish Church, Fenny Stratford. “ After the 5th July, Masses will resume as public Services. From that point the only Masses we will try to continue to broadcast will be the Parish Mass at 10 am and the Wednesday Mass at 12.15 pm. We still have a few of our folk who have been asked to Shield until the beginning of August. You will still, however, be able to use the Saint Martin’s Parish Church Facebook Page and our Church What’s App group to remain in touch with other members of our Saint Martin’s parish family. During Lockdown these modes of communicating have allowed us to continue to worship together and and support one another and so we will keep them active.

The times of broadcast Masses this Week via our Facebook page are as follows:
Tuesday at 7 pm
Wednesday at 12.15 pm
Friday at 10 am
Saturday at 10 am
Next Sunday (14th Sunday in Ordinary Time) at 10 am.
PLEASE NOTE: There will be NO Sunday Vespers and Benediction next Sunday.

Visit our facebook group – St Martin’s Facebook Page

The Collect and Readings for Tomorrow’s Mass you will find as a separate posting.

Please remember the following in your prayers:

Those who have suffered due to racism or bigotry. For those who have suffered violence or torture at the hands of others.
For the Government in their seeking solutions for the common good at this time.
As this Lockdown ends, that people may continue to act and behave sensibly.
For peace to reign within our homes and amongst one another.
For the elderly, housebound and those living in residential and nursing homes.
For Milton Keynes Hospital and all who are continuing to work there and for those undergoing surgeries as the hospital seeks to catch up with other vital treatments.
For First Responders.
For Bishop Jonathan and all our parish clergy as they seek to work with their people to restore the public celebration of the Mass and other Sacraments.
For the Mother House of the Monastic Community of the House of Initia Nova of the Order of Saint Benedict and for it’s Abbot Michael-John.
For the Sick:
For Shirley Milburn, Paul Ward, Norman Kent, Peter Woodward, Gay Lavery, David Gregg, Eugenius Yung, Denis & Yvonne Simpson, Mary Collier, Benjamin Duarri, David Lingham, Stuart Hearn, Sandra Walduck & Doris Weatherley.
For the Departed:
For Charles Garrett, Rhoda Richardson, Sheila Doggett, Hania Zipser and for Guy who died under tragic circumstances. For all those who have died of Covid 19 and for all the recently departed. We pray too for Ernest Haddon, Donald Goff, Hilda Payne, Francis Collier, Kathleen Wilmot, Thomas and Violet Pummery, Mary Pateman, Jack Brinklow, John Hartup, Margaret Link and for all whose years mind falls at this time.

And as I said to you last week, I really look forward to seeing you all again on Sunday the 5th. I have so missed you all. Finally our doors will be open once more to welcome those who wish to receive the sacraments of Holy Communion and of Confession and Absolution.
And until that happy Sunday, stay safe and well and stay in touch.

With best wishes and every blessing,

Father Victor

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
It is with great joy that we learned definitively this morning that Churches could open their doors again for public worship. I am beyond pleased that we will all be able to come together as a Parish family once more to celebrate Mass communally. I have missed all of you dreadfully and look forward to seeing you on Sunday 5th July. Not all the government guidance has been issued as yet so I will let you know more information over the next few days. There will, however, be Mass at 8 am and 10 am on that Sunday. The interior of the church building has been prepared for social distancing and we can house 30 people at Mass NOT including those in the sanctuary so between the two Masses we can cater for our worshipping community.

As Cardinal Vincent Nichols stated above, our “Eucharistic Fast” has indeed come to an end and we can look forward to receiving Our Lord in Holy Communion together as He has commanded us to do. We can welcome the love and Grace that He wishes to give us in this perfect way as He wishes us to receive it. We can return our little love in worship in return for the great love that he shows to us again and again.
The suggestion has been made that although we cannot supply tea and coffee etc after the Parish Mass communally we can all bring with us a thermos mug of something we would like to drink. And since government guidance has said families and individuals can go out and now picnic it is also suggested that we bring a picnic lunch for ourselves or our families so that we can celebrate as a Parish family our return to our Church and one another and make use of the garden too if this weather continues.
Let us truly thank God at this time.

Visit our facebook group – St Martin’s Facebook Page

My contact details are as follows:
Telephone: 01908 372825
Email: victorbullock@talktalk.net

With all my love and blessings,

Fr. Victor

We seek to live God’s Holy Word through the Scriptures and Sacraments, and to proclaim it through:

Regular church services,

Pastoral care and

Links with our local community 



This parish is committed to the safeguarding, care and
nurture of the children and people of all ages in our church community.
Our Parish Safeguarding Officer is
Mrs Derrian Le Brun Powell.
The parish Safeguarding Policy can be viewed here.
More information available here.

Saint Martin's is the parish church of Central Bletchley and Fenny Stratford.